Interhouse Extempore Speech Competition

🌟🎤 Gyanodaya SMVM School, Khurai, hosted an exhilarating Interhouse Extempore Speech competition! 🏫 Engaging VIII and IX graders, the event was graced by esteemed judges Mr. Deepesh Jain and Mr. Prince Rai. 🎓
😊 The event kicked off with palpable excitement as students eagerly awaited their turn to showcase their oratory prowess. Each participant displayed remarkable confidence and eloquence, captivating the audience with their spontaneous speeches on diverse topics. 🗣️👏
👍 The invaluable feedback and guidance provided by Mr. Prince Rai inspired the participants to further hone their public speaking skills. 🌟 The presence of the Vice Principal and Coordinator added prestige to the occasion. 🎩 Their encouraging words underscored the importance of such extracurricular activities in nurturing well-rounded individuals. 🌱💬
🏆 Congratulations to all participants for their outstanding performances, and kudos to the winners! 🎉 Stay tuned for more exciting events at Gyanodaya SMVM School! #OratoryExcellence #GyanodayaPride 🌟 #CBSESchool #CocurricularActivities #school #gyanodaya #topschools #bestschool #khurai #sagar #mpnews #MadhyaPradesh #MPSchool




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