Admission Procedure


ADMISSION CRITERION • The minimum age for admission to Class VI is 10+ years on 1st April of the current year. • Admission is open to boys and girls on the basis of merit and availability of seats. • The school prospectus cum admission form must be collected either from the school office on working days or downloaded from the admission open section on the school’s website and submitted to the school office during working hours. • It is mandatory for all aspiring students to appear for the basic entrance examination prior to admission.


• A Transfer Certificate (TC) and Birth Certificate is mandatory and required for admissions in classes VI-IX. This certificate must be countersigned by the concerned authorities.

• Attested copies of the necessary Mark Sheets of the previous classes.

• Two passport-sized coloured photographs of the student along with passport-sized family photograph (father, mother, real brother, sisters)

• Caste Certificate (as issued by concerned authorities)

• Differently/Specially-abled certificate (if required)

• Original copy of Migration/ Eligibility Certificate ( in case of the change of Board)



• The Principal has the right to ask for the withdrawal of any student who has proved to be immune to correction.

• The request application for the withdrawal of a pupil must be made in writing by his/her parents accompanied by a remittance of the requisite fee for the issuance of the School Leaving Certificate.

• All the applicable fees/ dues have to be cleared before seeking a School Leaving Certificate.

• Paid fees/ charges of a student after getting admission into any class will not be refunded at the time of withdrawal.

• The students may be asked to withdraw from the school on the following grounds:

1. Indiscipline

2. Nonpayment of fees/dues

3. Failing twice in the same class

4. At any time, if the school authorities are compelled to declare on any other reasonable grounds that such withdrawal is inevitable in the larger interest of the school.

• The student may be withdrawn after being continuously absent for ten or more days without information. The decision of the Principal shall be final and binding in this regard.



Expelled/ withdrawn students may be readmitted under the following conditions:

1. He / She may be readmitted as per rules and the discretion of the Principal.

2. Upon producing the relevant legal documents such as the medical/ fitness certificate, apology letter etc. (as applicable).

3. On clearing any pending fees/dues/charges (as applicable).



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