School possesses 5.2 acres of land with a built-up area of 4479 square meters and playgrounds of 16564.65 square meters. The premises have more than 46 classrooms, 06 rooms for labs, 05 rooms for official purposes, and 05 rooms for other usages i.e. staff room, visitors’ room, Art/ crafts room, activity room, teaching-aids room. There is a separate Kids’ room for play way teaching to comfort the toddlers with the teaching-learning process in an interesting way. All playthings are available in the room. The school maintains a high level of hygienic and sanitary conditions and is adequately equipped with fire-fighting measures.

The school has installed a centrally located water purification and cooling system with a well-chalked-out plan for the distribution of drinking water through five outlets for the different age groups of students. The school campus has three volleyball courts, two basketball courts, one football, dodge ball, and one kho-kho field each. The school also has in place certain off-beat and adventurous sport/activity facilities such as a spider net, rope-climbing structure, and an open gymnasium, to name a few. The multipurpose auditorium, Naykan Hall, has two badminton courts, and space for table tennis, chess, carom, yoga, skating, cultural activities, and theatre with the capacity of about 1500 people.


The school has a well-stocked library, staffed adequately to keep the library in good order, and to guide the students during their library periods to make the best use of its resources. The library is stocked with approximately more than 16,000 books, including, magazines, newspapers, dictionaries, and periodicals. The library resources undergo thorough and constant expansion and are regularly updated to provide meaningful reference material to students and teachers.


We are living in an advanced scientific era wherein science has been minutely defining and shaping our daily lives in the 21st century. The school has left no stone unturned to develop a spirit of scientific temperament and logical thinking amongst the young minds. This school has developed separate and well-equipped Physics, Chemistry, and Biology laboratories. Each of these labs can accommodate up to 45 students at a time for undertaking lab work and performing experiments separately. Recently, these labs have been renovated and upgraded with modern tools, instruments, and technologies enabling innovative and cutting-edge experimentations to be undertaken.


The introduction of computers in school has become an integral part of school education. There are two separate computer laboratories for junior and senior students. These labs have a total of more than 100 computers, all of which have been installed with the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system and are equipped with an overhead projector each. Both labs are linked to the web via high-speed multimedia and internet facilities. Mandatory computer classes are provided to students from Class I onwards. Computer Science has been introduced as one of the optional subjects in classes XI & XII.


As a medium of communication, languages play a pivotal role in the lives of individuals. Being an English-medium school, it is emphasized for improving the English language with correct intonation, accent, and pronunciation. To hone and enhance the linguistic skills of the English language, a separate language lab has been set up with updated linguistic and phonetic modules. Students are offered separate classes to make use of such modules for acuminating their English language.


India has been blessed with many a great mathematician since time immemorial, noteworthy among whom include names such as Aryabhatta, Bhaskara, Brahmacharya, and Ramanujan. They are credited for introducing ‘Vedic Mathematics’ to prove new theorems, and calculations and offering newer insights into the study of numbers. To inculcate the same fervor and wisdom among the students, we have set up a separate mathematics lab that is equipped with various mathematical models, tools, and objects. We also emphasize the learning of Vedic mathematics to rejuvenate our rich Vedic mathematics systems. Hence students have worked on specific Vedic mathematics projects. Students have made simplified versions, charts, and models for complicated topics such as advanced geometry, trigonometry, and calculus.


To cope with new challenges emerging out of the teaching-learning process, 13 classrooms have been equipped with smart classes for visual, auditory, and kinesthetic categories of learners. These smart classes make the teaching-learning process interactive, engaging, and educative to clear intriguing topics, themes, and chapters. Our smart classes have been installed with well-known learning software, modules, and packages. Through this audio-visual aid, the educators make the classroom teaching-learning process productive and efficacious.

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