Cultural Activity

The roots of any civilization are anchored within its culture and tradition. India is known for its cultural pluralism, maintaining unity in diversity. Indian Vedic philosophy emphasizes upon myriad forms of classical dance, music, art, and crafts. These forms of culture and traditions also have a spiritual connection with ultimate truths and realities.

To strengthen and revive the roots of the Indian civilization, our school furnishes platforms such as opportunities to learn and explore dance, music, art & craft. The students are trained by well-qualified and experienced faculty regularly. Throughout the session, different cultural activities are organized wherein the students participate in different competitions to showcase their abstract thoughts and aesthetic talent at various levels and bring laurels to the school.

The salient features of the cultural activities in our school are:


Cultural Activity​
Music education plays an important role in a child’s overall development intellectually, socially, and emotionally. Music offers creative challenges and aesthetic appreciation as well as self-expression and self-discovery opportunities. The school emphasizes imparting quality lessons in both instrumental and vocal music within genres such as classical, folk, and western music. The school has a good stock of different musical instruments.

Art & Craft

Cultural Activity​

Colors are considered to be one of the best mediums for expressing human emotions, feelings, and imaginations. Our school provides the platform for the students to color their canvas of life. We provide separate classes for polishing the skills of drawing, painting, sketching, and caricature-making. Students are also provided with ample opportunities to give shape to ordinary materials, transforming them into beautiful designs through crafts.


Cultural Activity​
Dance is also considered to be one of the good physical exercises, making the body supple, agile, and flexible. The school offers separate dance classes in different genres such as classical, contemporary, folk, and western dance.
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