Library: The world of books

‘Manak Chand Chauhan’ library of Gyanodaya Higher Secondary School, Khurai, is the ideal place to get rid of all your stress and embark on a voyage of knowledge. It is a place where books – our best friends, welcomes us to realize the expansion of knowledge. Its salient features:

  • The library has a rich and diverse collection of more than 16, 000 books on different themes and tastes.
  • Besides the books on different curriculum, the library also has religious books with a view to inculcate the religious, cultural, moral and philosophical value of our land.
  • With an objective to develop the reading and understanding skills among the students, the library also provides some specially recommended books for all the classes. This collection of books includes biographies, autobiographies, novels, fictions, non-fiction, dictionaries, periodicals, magazines and newspapers.
  • The library has a separate section for Pre-primary students that include nursery rhymes, picture books, short story books, books on the English and Hindi alphabets, pocket books.
  • The library is an ideal place for those who want to appear in different competitive exams. Our library is stacked with a collection of books and magazines on general knowledge, competitive exam-centric magazines and success reviews to cater to these needs of our students.
  • The library serves as an alternative space to gain command over both Hindi & English languages through its collection of books on phonetics and phonetic transcription.
  • The library is run and maintained with the help of computer aided software system that reminds students and staff about pending books, due date of return and so on.
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