Principal Desk

Life is useless and meaningless without a reason and a vision. It doesn’t matter what post and position we work in, what really matters is why and how to work. I believe in having a supreme vision and pious reason of educating the society to prepare it for the 21st century.

The Indian legacy of being a hub of learning, as exemplified by the historical centers of Nalanda and Takshshila invoke a culture of making society economically strong and educationally sound. It is this philosophy that features an amalgamation of different schools of thought that I believe in and wish to implement in the education system of this school.

I believe that an institution’s vision should be child-centric and conducive towards encouraging critical thinking, spontaneous decision making, risk-analysis and anger management. In my view, the teachers should inspire the students to be self-motivated, self-disciplined and inculcate in them an orientation towards experiential learning, tactical learning and activity-based learning, that shall contribute to being successful in a rapidly changing world. My dreams have come true with the advent of the New Education Policy 2022 (NEP 2022) which postulates the same. I have set into motion the wheels of NEP 2022, which are powered by cutting-edge technology in the Gyanodaya SMVM Hr.Sec.School.

Any educational institution’s mantra of success is the maximum utilization of its human resources and the available tools of teaching-learning. I always endeavour to comply with this mantra to produce the best teaching-learning outcomes. True school education should strive for an all-round-development and betterment of the learners. At Gyanodaya, we have been able to create a cosmos that reflects not only academic success, but also provides the students with the thrill of sports, debating, community service and leadership. Ultimately what matters most, is the happiness and fulfillment of a child.

With Regards
Dr. Abhinav Shukla

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