Industrial Visit for commerce students of Grade XI and XII

Gyanodaya SMVM Hr.Sec. School, Khurai, organized an Industrial Visit for commerce students of Grade XI and XII to Sanjay Industries, Khurai. Industrial visits provide an excellent opportunity to interact with industries and know more about industrial environment. This visit was arranged with an objective of providing students functional opportunity in different sectors like IT, Manufacturing and services, finance and marketing, accountancy etc.
The main objective of the trip was to give first hand industrial exposure to students as to how the industry carries out its manufacturing activities. This visit helped the students to combine their theoretical knowledge of business operations with the practical knowledge of its actual functioning. The students were acquainted with various types of industries, forms of Business organization, Principles and techniques of management, production and overhead cost, etc. Therefore, Industrial Visit was a more practical approach towards learning through interaction, working practices etc and hence gave a perfect reality check to the students.
We express our gratitude to Mr. Arpit Jain, Director, Sanjay Industries, Khurai for allowing an enriching and memorable Industrial visit . It provided the students with an insight into the internal working of industries. Our students are motivated and encouraged by meeting your benevolent staff members and generous hospitality.

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