Children's Day Celebrated

14-11-2019 Gyanodaya. Children's day, the birthday of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru was celebrated with joy and zeal. The celebration began with the morning assembly which was conducted by the teachers. The Morning Prayer and songs were sung under the guidance of Ms. Deepika. Sourabh Sir conducted the pledge. General Knowledge was tested by Sr. Teacher Mr. Rajeev and Mr. Sourabh. Children did enjoy the priceless moments. During the assembly the Cabinet members and senior students maintained the discipline revealing that the efforts which the school is making are not going waste. The first half of the school was conducted by the senior students who played the role of different teachers following the regular timetable of the teacher. The performance of student-teachers was judged by a group of teachers appointed for the task. Most of the student-teachers performed well in terms of maintaining discipline, but few were able to explain well and generate a good response from the class to make the class actively participate. In the second half there was an Exhibition, mainly on science along with displays from other subjects including English. The students who had prepared the models or displays were able to explain their models or themes quite well. The exhibition was supervised by Senior Teachers Mr. Rajeev and Mr. Akhilesh & Mr.Jaidev Sir. All the children saw the exhibition class wise. On the whole, it was a wonderful day for the children as well as for the teachers.