Sixth Cycle Rally to Promote Health and Demote Misuse of Cell Phones

30-12-2018 Gyanodaya, Khurai. A huge Cycle Rally was successfully organized from Khurai to Pathari in which more than 200 students participated.. The school has been organizing cycle rally for the past five years. The theme for the year was, Stop the Misuse of Cell Phone. The pilot van was followed by the enthusiastic cyclists. The theme was promoted with the help of slogans, placards and loudspeaker installed on the pilot van. The rally generated immense public support. Along the route many people welcomed the cyclists with flowers, garlands, water and snacks. It was quite evident by the public support that everyone, especially the parents are worried about the ever spreading mobile menace . Under the sound leadership of School Management and Principal Mr. Vinay Agrawal, the school is committed to bring about a positive change in Khurai and its vicinity.