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  • School on Sunday: We Mean Business

    02-09-2018 Gyanodaya School. On Sunday, the school went past another mile stone, as regular school was held on this day. The initiative is being praised by the parents and people of the town. The school remained closed on 28-08-2018 to oppose the unreasonable Private School Act being brought against Private schools. The head of the school, Principal Mr. Vinay Agrawal informed that the decision to keep the school open on Sunday was taken by the school management to compensate for the loss in the studies caused by the one-day-strike. The decision was applauded by the citizens and welcomed by the parents; as a result most of the students attended the school like any other normal day. There was much excitement among the students. Even the senior students joyfully took pride in the fact that they witnessed being part of a very rare event. The tremendous support of the parents and people, forcefully brings home the fact that the government should do away with any such act that hinders the proper functioning of private schools in a democratic state the claims to have mixed economy.