Gyanodaya cabinet 2017-18 A new cabinet was sworn in on Thursday, 27 July at Gyanodaya Senior Secondary School. The ceremony took place in the Naykan Hall. The oath was given by the Principal sir who honoured the new cabinet members with badges. The ceremony was also blessed by the presence of parents of class IX to XII students. The new student cabinet comprises of Head Boy Ankush Jain, Head Girl Anshu Dangi, Cap. Discipline Amandeep yadav, V.Cap Discipline Prateeksha Thakur, Cap.Sports Sonu Patel, V.Cap. Sports Aditya Pratap, Cap.Cultural Priyanshi Dubey, V.Cap. Cultural Jageshwar Pateriya, Cap.Literary Sajal Jain, V.Cap. Literary Anchal Tiwari, Cap.School Manvi Rajpoot, V.C. School Mohit Sadhwani, Cap. Laxmi house Priyanshi Sharma, V.Cap. Laxmi house Prakhar Jain, Cap.Sarojini house Atishay Jain, V.Cap. Sarojini house Raj Tiwari, Cap.Tagore house Prachi Kurmi, V.Cap. Tagore house Kanchan Shivpuriya, Cap.Vivekanand house Aman Jain, V.Cap. Videkanand house Arushi Naikya. On this occasion, all the selected class captains were also sworn in. The Principal Mr. Vinay Agarwal thanked and extended his well wishes to the newly formed cabinet.