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    Dr Abhinav Shukla informs his philosophy with an amalgamation of different schools of learning.

    He believes that an institution's vision should be child-centric and conducive towards encouraging critical thinking, risk assessment and anger management. He believes that teachers should inspire the students for self-motivation and inculcate in them a respect for experiential learning, tactical learning-skills which contribute to success in a rapidly changing world. Dr Shukla has set into motion the wheels of activity-based learning, which are powered by cutting edge technology in the Gyanodaya SMVM Sr.Sec.School.

    And not least, he believes school education should speak to academic success, along with the thrill of sports, debating, community service and leadership. Ultimately what matters most, is the happiness and fulfillment of a child.


    Dr. Abhinav Shukla  


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