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    Our ancestors were great visionary and established this institution popularly known as Gurukul, way back in 1943 when education was neither a business nor a profit making venture. Gurukul was established with the pure objective to educate people with good moral values focusing on the “JAIN’’ community and they have succeeded in doing the same. As Gurukul’s Alumni is spread world over and old student are not only doing financially and academically well, but have established them a good global citizen. I have inherited the heritage of moral values and charitable approach to cultivate and create best possible educational environment at most subsidized cost.

    The changing time and the academic environment have left behind many “JAIN’’ academic institutions established around the same period. We at Gurukul have been fortunate enough to change with the time and provide better and modern infrastructure, could established an English medium school popularly known as Gyanodaya, Modern well-furnished hostel, and other school essentials like sports facility, music/art facility in our campus. Well-developed infrastructure is not over emphasized, most of the efforts are being made by us to provide the best available teaching and training facility and we are happy and proud of our staff, combined efforts are duly justified by the results and the achievements of the students from our campus.

    Our institution is trying to provide the best education facilities. When you want to provide the best, it has its own cost. Hence requirement of funds to provide the quality education is huge. We have split this problem into two parts, first Management in the institution is committed to provide the best quality education and to meet the best quality education, second we are dependent on social and community contributions. We acknowledge and thank our donors spread over globally. We acknowledge the contribution of all those people from the beginning, who at difficult times have even provided “Chapattis” cooked at their home to hostel students, we acknowledge those who have contributed to build the state of art modern infrastructure. We also invite all interested to serve this cause to join hands and support to make this institution grow and serve the society.

    Our agenda is not only to provide career oriented education but we want to cultivate and nurture an education system, whereby our students are able to communicate and express, are able to think and question and stand for the cause with “Ahinsak” moral values and are being trained to be happy and cultivate happiness around them to make this world a better place and to produce good and happy human being from our institution.

    With the commitment, we look forward to your support to join and support the Gurukul Family.


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