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    We, The Principal, Staff and students of Gyanodaya are committed to develop and cultivate ability to express and understand English and Hindi, logical thinking, socially acceptable mannerism," Ahinsak" (Ahimsak) moral values, physical endurance, excellence in art and culture, ability to judge between good and bad, become self -reliant and churn out happy individuals.

    Welcome to Gyanodaya School Khurai...

    Gyanodaya Sarva Mangal Vidya Mandir is a school located in Khurai City, Madhya Pradesh, India.

    Gyanodaya was established in 1989. The seeds of the kindergarten school were sown by the late Shrimanth Seth Rishabha Kumar.

    Gyanodaya Higher Secondary School located in Gurukul Campus Khurai Sagar Mp is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on provisional basis since 1989. The school has been operating officially under the trust/society Shri Parashwanath Brahamcharya Ashram Jain Gurukul Trust. The school is equipped with 46 class rooms and all essential facilities.
    Gyanodaya Sr. Sec. School has completed 32 years with various mile stones, at the outset we thank all the hand behind this noble cause. This year we have 1600 students. We have dedicated staff of 236 people in the trust. Our commitment has been to ensure the overall holistic development of our students in addition to our efforts to impart the best education at the lowest cost.
    We have provided equal importance to extra-curricular activities ie. Sports, Physical education, Self development etc. We are equipped with all the modern facilities such as Bio Lab, Chemistry Lab, Physics Lab. We have 13 digital classes, One Cinema Hall. We have a big Library with approx 16,000 books which is open in evening and holidays also. We have added lot of play way equipment and teaching aids
    We have installed new cloud based software by which fee collection Attendance, Report Card, Library record, Store inventory, Hostel record, Health record and almost all the records are generated. To ensure safety of staff and students we have appointed 15 guards and whole campus is under CCTV surveillance. I appreciate co-operation of students and parents in insuring discipline in the campus. We realize the importance of reading, as we believe if child cannot read, he cannot understand and if he cannot understand, how he can write, therefore we have allotted periods for reading and 25% of marks in language based on reading, understanding and writing.

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